Oak Point Partners, LLC acquires remnant assets of the GT Brands Holdings LLC, et al., Bankruptcy Estates

Gt Brands Logo

June 29, 2010 – Oak Point Partners acquired the remnant assets of the GT Brands Holdings LLC, et al., Bankruptcy Estates in June 2010. On July 11, 2005, GT Brands Holdings LLC and its related entities (“GT Brands”) filed a chapter 11 petition in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York, assigned Case No. 05-15167. A chapter 11 plan was confirmed and a Plan Administrator was appointed to wind down the GT Brands estates.

About GT Brands

Founded in 1984 by three brothers, GT Brands created celebrity-endorsed products and brands based on licensed or owned intellectual property. The company produced its own media, but was better known as a distributor of media from third parties and classics. Low-priced fitness videos were produced and distributed by the company, as were many low-budget animated films. GT Brands also became involved with Christian products and Broadway shows. The company employed 500 people.

GT Brands also operated under several trade names including GoodTimes Entertainment and GoodTimes Home Video.

The former headquarters of GT Brands was located in New York, NY.

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